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November 21, 2012
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Of Course, You Baka!
    His golden eyes scanned the area. Everything looked like it would be safe. Of course it would be. Their battle was long over. Was he still that paranoid? Or maybe it was because of what slept in his lap.
    Who slept in his lap.
    The golden orbs averted from the scenery and looked down at the young woman in his lap. She was so beautiful, it still took his breath away. He brushed part of her hair away from her face. He loved her, he really did.
    He wanted to spend his life with her, but could he? She was a human, he was a half-demon. Things like that just never seemed to work out.
    Besides, was he that selfish to want to steal her away from everything else?
    Did he love her as much as he thought?
    Even more than his first love?
    Yes. He did, and he knew exactly what he was going to do.
    Kagome yawned and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She looked around. Where was she again? She felt two arms wrapped around her waist. Oh, that's right.
    "Good morning," she smiled, looking behind herself.
    Inuyasha smiled back, warmly, "It's not morning, silly."
    Kagome sighed, "Well, I slept for like forever. It feels like morning, to me. Oh, wait!" She suddenly yelled standing up.
    He stood up as well, "What?!! What is it?!!!"
    Kagome tried to fix the robes around her that had gotten messed up while she slept. "I was suppose to meet Kaede today. I'm gonna be late. I've gotta go. Bye, Inuyasha!" she waved, already running.
    Inuyasha sighed, stupid girl.
    Kagome ran as fast as she could, but then suddenly it felt like she was flying.
    "Really, Kagome?" Inuyasha asked putting her on his back, "you keep seeming to forget that you have an Inuyasha with you."
    Kagome smiled at the back of his head, "Thanks."
    "Well, here you go," Inuyasha set his love down.
    Kagome smiled. "Thank you," she nodded in appreciation.
   Then the two just stood there, not really knowing what to do. They still were trying to get use to this whole dating thing, anyways. It's not like people dated back then. There was just marriage. This was totally new.
    "Well, I better go." Kagome quickly said.
    "Y-yeah," Inuyasha nodded.
    Kagome suddenly stood on her tippy-toes and pecked Inuyasha on the cheek. "I'll see you later," and then she ran into Kaede's hut.
    Inuyasha blinked a few times and felt his cheek, and then he smiled.
    Yes, he knew exactly what he was going to do now.
    Inuyasha sat on his favorite tree branch. He smiled thinking over his plan. The more he thought about it, the more he liked it. It was getting late. Made him wonder, just what was his beloved doing right now?
    Kagome sighed out of exhaustion. She really needed some sleep. Kaeded worked her really hard today, and tomorrow she would have to get up even earlier! She laid down on her futon.
THE NEXT DAY--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Kagome got to work as soon as possible. Little did she know that Inuyasha did just the same. Today, would be a long journey.
    Inuyasha started off walking down the loathed road.
    The said young man looked up. "Hey, Shippo." There up above him was the pink bubble, Shippo. He turned back into his normal self.
    "I upgraded!" He smiled.
    "Good job," said Inuyasha as he continued to walk not even looking at the little fox demon.
    Shippo started walking with him, "Are you leaving?"
    "I'll be back, just don't tell Kagome. Got that, runt?"
    "Why can't I tell Kagome?"
    "Because." The two continued to walk.
    "Because why?"
    "Because, because."
    "Because, because, why?"
    Inuyasha groaned and put his hands in his sleeves. "Because, because, because."
    "Because, because, be-OW!!!"
     Inuyasha thumped him upside the head and now kneeled in front of him. "All right, now listen, I'm going to be gone for a while, but when I'm back you'll know why, okay?"
    Shippo looked at the seriousness in the half demon's eyes. He meant business. All Shippo could muster was a nod.
    "Good," Inuyasha and stood up straight, "and what is it that you are not going to do?"
    "Tell Kagome."
    "Good job, runt. I'll be back." The last thing Shippo could see was Inuyasha's back walking down the long dirt road.
ONE WEEK LATER(NEW MOON)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Kagome sat next to the fire. "Where is he? It's the new moon, too. I'm worried."
    Shippo bit his bottom lip. If he could stay quiet this long, he could stay quiet just for a little longer, right? Right?
    "Kagome!!!!!!" Shippo suddenly yelled. "I have to tell you something."
    She turned to look at him, "Yes, Shippo?"
    "U-um... never mind."
    Kagome sighed. She had a folded blanket lay on her lap. Inuyasha probably would be tired after his journey, where ever he went. She had total faith that he would come back. He always did.
    Kagome stood up, putting her quiver over her shoulder.
    "Be careful, child," said Kaede.
    Kagome nodded and took the blanket with her.
    Inuyasha cursed again, limping.
    Boy, wasn't he just terrific at perfect timing? First of all, it was the new moon tonight. Second of all, he just happened to have come across a clan of migrating demon. He stumbled over his own feet as he coughed up blood.
    This just proved even more so why he hated being human. He had to keep going, for Kagome. He was almost there, too.
    That's when he saw it. Walking towards him.
    Kagome looked for the place he would've chosen to run off too. Where had he gone? She looked down at her bow. She remebered that she had gotten it from Kikyo. Just thinking about the miko made her feel sad. There was just so much pain back then. Kagome then remembered when she and Inuyasha always broke out in fights. In the end he'd just get sat to the other side of the earth.
    Then she remembered all of the times he had saved her. Like that time in Tokgenkyo. It was the new moon then, too. She smiled, he even risked his life for her. Like that time when Sesshomaru had gotten a human arm with a tainted jewel shard from Naraku.
    Then she thought of Naraku. She'd hate to admit this, but if it weren't for Naraku, she probably would have never even met Inuyasha. She guessed that he did end up doing one good thing in all of his evil. The evil that was once and for all started and ended by the Shikon no Tama.
     Kagome looked up.
    She ran towards him. "Inuyasha!" She cried. She had never missed seeing his face so much before, but when she got to him he continued to walk not even looking at her. Wasn't he at least happy to see her? He could at the least muster a smile for her. She was worried. "Inuyasha?"
    Limping he said, "It's almost sunrise, follow me."
    Confused, Kagome followed after him. Inuyasha had to get this right. He couldn't mess this up. He just couldn't. This would decide their future.
    He suddenly felt something wrap around him. A blanket? He then looked up at Kagome who had a small smile on her lips. Those beautiful lips.
    It was still just a bit to dark for the two humans to see anything, but Inuyasha knew. This was the right place. Definitely.
    Kagome now asked, "Inuyasha? Where are we? We need to tend to your wounds so they don't get infected. Why are we even here?"
    "Kagome, " Inuyasha breathed out. He grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles. "I-I've had this on my mind for a long time now and I just have to come out and say it."
    'What is he talking about?' Kagome wondered.
    He continued taking her other hand. "I love you, Kagome, a lot. Y-you mean so much to me and, well I've been thinking over the past days about all you've ever done for me."
    Kagome wondered what he was even talking about. He always did everything for her. Heck, he even brought her back from the dead, well that was Myoga, but he held her when she woke up.
    "You're what kept me going. If it weren't for you right now, I'd probably be dead or a blood thirsty demon. You were the one that encouraged me to take my sword. If it weren't for you I would still be lonely and I-I don't want to be lonely ever again." The sun began to rise over the mountains. To Kagome's amazement, he began to transform. His bruises and cuts began to disappear and his hair began to glow white.
     Inuyasha inwardly cursed. He was bad at showing his feelings, but eve more so when he was half demon. He had to get this out.
    "Kagome I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
    Kagome looked at him with wide eyes. Was he doing what she thought he was doing? She then saw out of the corner of her eye something. She turned to see this beautiful scenery being revealed more and more as the sun rose. They stood on a cliff and they could see the whole forest.
    She turned to see her beloved half demon holding her hands and smiling.
    "Will you marry me?" He now held a silver ring, no doubt Totosai's handy work. So that's where he went.
    Kagome looked around at everything. He planned all of this? For her? The tears came.
    Inuyasha suddenly looked a little scared. Why was she crying? Did he do something wrong?
    "Look, Kagome. It's okay. I understand. You don't have to marry me. Just please, don't cry."
    Kagome suddenly lunged herself at him and hugged his neck.
     "I love you, too! Of course I'll marry you, you baka!"
Now how's that for a proposal???:iconweddingringplz:
Well... wut did you think?:iconthinkplz:
This is kinda like between the time Kagome returned and then when they got married. :iconinukissplz::iconkagkiss2plz:
Recognize the scenery? It's from the last episode/chapter when Kagome says that the two would keep heading towards tomorrow...:iconinukaglovers:
Plz give feed back... I luv it all- well I'm not a big fan of negative stuff, but criticism is welcomed...^^
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