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    It hurt. It really did. Too much. It was just too much. She continued to run, ignoring the minor scrapes she'd receive from the by-standing trees and bushes. She couldn't take this. Not anymore. It was painful. Her warm tears felt like they burned her face. Her lips felt like they went numb from the cold. The girl suddenly tripped over a root and skidded across the ground. She cried out in pain. Her ankle sprained. It really hurt, but it was not her physical injury. Well, that did hurt, but it was her heart that hurt the most. It pained in her chest.

    You see, it was because it felt like her heart had been broken.


    His feet padded against the bark of the branches as he jumped back and forth in search of her. Why did she always have to jump to conclusion? Okay, so maybe she did happen to come at the worst possible time, but it wasn't like he was doing anything, how you say, sketchy.

    This was his moment. He had to find her, now. He just had to. If he didn't, well, good-bye everything that actually made him feel happy. He growled in frustration. Maybe if he could explain to her, she'd understand. The last time something even similar to this had happened, he just stood there, and stared at her. He didn't move. Didn't say something. He was frozen. He wanted to stare at her. He wanted to see her. He was hoping that she'd smile or something, but she just stood there, silent as well.

    And same as this time, like the last time, she had seen him with Kikyo, she ran away.


    She had to stop. Kagome wheezed for air. She collapsed next to a river she had been running by. Her hands on the ground. She huffed, wiping the sweat from her brow. It just hurt to much.

    Kagome crawled over to the running water and began to drink from it. She felt like an animal, but she didn't care. Why should she care? Her heart's been torn to shreds, why should she care?

    "Kagome," she heard a very hated voice say behind her, gently.

    Still sitting on her knees she stared at the ground, not wanting to look at him. She couldn't face him , right now. She couldn't look at his eyes right now. She didn't think she could handle it.

    "What do you want, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked bitterly.

    He sat down next to her, "Can I sit here?"

    Kagome turned her downwards head away from him. "Why? So you can steal my possessions, too?" Her voice, cynical.

    Inuyasha looked at her in desbelief. Every word stung. Ouch. "What did I do, huh?" Inuyasha wanted to know why she was so mad. She had only seen him with Kikyo, it's not she heard there conversation, which he wished she did.

    "What did you do?!!!" Kagome asked sounding like she was already starting to wind up in anger. She suddenly stood, liking the fact that he had to look up at her. Kagome now faced him, her eyes holding frustration, pain, abandonment, betrayal, fear, sorrow, and worst of all tears. "You stole my normal life away for one thing! And you stole my heart! My mind, my thoughts, my being! You took it all away! And after willingly letting you take it away, what do you do? Do you know what you did? You saw something you liked better and left it behind! You left me behind. More then once, might I add! Do you know how much that hurts me? How much that really, really hurts me?" The girl suddenly sank to her knees, covered her face, and began to weep. She couldn't hold it anymore.

    Inuyasha's ears flattened. "Kagome, I... I'm really sorry. It's not what you think, honest."

    Kagome looked up from her damp hands and glared at him, "And that's why you were kissing her? No, I suppose she got bit by a poisenous snake and you were just sucking the poisen out?"

    Inuyasha looked at her harshly. It was hard to do so, though, when she had all of those emotions clearly on her face, but the one that was the hardest on him was the look of sorrow in her eyes. "No, honestly!" He suddenly shouted, scaring the poor girl. "It's not like I wanted to kiss her! She kissed me! I was just saying, just saying... I was just saying..." Inuyasha mentally cursed. Why couldn't he get this out? He had to suck it up, put some dirt on it, and quit being a wimp. He huffed out angrily, " I... was just saying good-bye, to Kikyo. Because, well, I figured it was time to let go of the fleeting past. It was gone anyways. Besides, I don't think it was fair, for her to live a fantasy that one day I would join her. I didn't think that it would be fair to you either. To live a false fantasy." He suddenly took her hand half expecting her to snatch it away, but she didn't. That made him smile.

    Kagome looked down at the ground. Now, she felt stupid. She felt terrible. Jumping to conclusions. And now, how was she suppose to respond to that? She had to keep silence.

    Inuyasha tried to see her eyes as she kept quiet. Why wouldn't she say something? Did she still not believe him? Was he going to have to show her to prove it? That thought made him smirk, on the inside of course. Different images of him trying to show Kagome that he really cared for her danced in his head. Oh-no! He's spent way to much time around Miroku. Way too much time.

    Kagome finally gave in to the pull on her soul and she finally threw herself at Inuyasha and began to sob in his chest. She just needed comfort, for everything that had happened. Inuyasha slowly wrapped his arms around her, smiling. He could get use to this. Not the part of her crying, but the part of her seeking out to him for comfort and warmth and love. Was it even love she was looking for from him? Or was it something completely different? Either way he liked the way she held him. Her arms around his neck.

    Somehow, Kagome had ended up in his lap. She didn't really mind it, nor did she care. She was tired from running, and from holding all her emotions in, and letting them all go in the end. Kagome could hear Inuyasha's steady breathing and heart beat. It was very soothing. Almost like it was lulling her to sleep. His arms around her kept her warm as she had her eyes closed. It almost felt as if he was her barrier from the outside world.

    Inuyasha smiled. He liked this. He wasn't exactly sure why, but he liked it. His cheek rested on her head. Something just felt like he had to tell her. Now. It actually felt like it was nagging him, saying Now or Never.


    "Yeah?" she asked not opening her eyes.

    "I'm really sorry... for everything." He quickly muttered out.

    Kagome opened one eye, lazily. "I forgive you, I all ways do." she said closing her eye again.

    "And I just wanted to say, I... I love... you."

    That certainly got Kagome's attention. He loved her? Was he possessed or something? She couldn't any other demon aura, but his. Inuyasha looked away from her serene face. Maybe she didn't hear him? He already felt like an idiot. Inuyasha could practically see his pride fluttering away. Kagome now shifted on his lap and pecked him on the cheek.

    "I love you , too." She said, quite simply.

    Inuyasha turned took at her. The look on her face made him smile.

    For she no longer held sorrow in her eyes, but joy.

    Joy and love.

Tada!!!!! Happy inukag week! Day 5--> :iconforever-mine:

I had a hard time coming up with something.... This is basically suppose to happen like a little after Kikyo died(for real)...

I know Inuyasha would never be THAT straight forward... but what can I say? It makes all the readers, you, A.K.A. Fan-Girls (including me) happy... So yeah, that's basically it...

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I wrote it...
And I hope you have a good one!^^
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